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-Smoked Meats-

Experience the magic of Mahogany Smoked Meats with our tantalizing selection of delicacies. Founded back in 1922, we’ve been smoking meats the old-fashioned way for the best flavor imaginable. We use mahogany logs from fallen trees, and we smoke everything deep and long for an extraordinary flavor. We hand-load the meats in small batches onto a pit smoker, and our Smoke Master monitors the entire 24-hour process, adding logs to carefully control the temperature. It’s a traditional, time-honored three-day process that creates the delicious finished product. The aroma and taste of our premium smoked meats is what has made our humble Bishop, California smokehouse world famous. While you can buy hickory smoked meats at any store, mahogany smoked foods are only available from us! We have a wide range of products, including premium mahogany smoked meat gifts.

Delicious Mahogany Smoked Bacon

Our mahogany smoked bacon is the king of our smoked meats. It’s how we got started, and it’s responsible for our stellar reputation. We offer our extremely popular double smoked bacon in different sized packages, from slabs to sliced to ends and pieces. We also have the extremely classy mahogany smoked Canadian bacon, sliced or unsliced.

Mouth-Watering Smoked Hams

Our traditional style hams have graced family holiday meals and celebrations for many years. This is the most amazing ham you’ve ever tasted. Choose from bone-in country smoked hams (whole ham, butt half or shank half), smoked boneless hams (family size, medium size and small size) and smoked ham steaks (small, regular or family order).

Luscious Mahogany Smoked Pork Loin Chops

Our lean, western style smoked chops are thick and sensational, guaranteed to satisfy. These pork loin chops are fully cooked and are best when warmed up in your broiler or on the grill.

Sizzling Smoked Sausages

We offer several kinds of mouthwatering sausages for every meal. There are mahogany smoked breakfast sausages, kielbasa (regular or spicy), ring bologna, knackwurst and Thuringer summer sausage. These are ideal for family barbecues, picnics or just to spice up an ordinary meal at home.

Tantalizing Mahogany Smoked Turkey

Try something unique for your next holiday dinner — a delectable mahogany smoked turkey! Your family and guests will greatly enjoy our flavorful smoked turkeys. They’re shipped out in November, but it’s best to reserve yours early, as they’re extremely popular.

Delight Friends and Family with Gift Packages!

Are you looking for the perfect housewarming gift, or a wonderful food item to bring to a family barbecue or picnic? Surprise friends and family with one of our enticing smoked meat gift packages. From mahogany smoked samplers to whole turkeys and half hams, we have appetizing packages for every occasion.