Whether you’re having the guys over to watch the big game, or some guests are stopping by to visit, jerky is the perfect snack to serve up an impression. With plenty of delicious flavors — from sweet and mild to spicy and savory — there’s a jerky for everyone. But how do you make your favorite fare taste even better? By pairing it with a beer that complements the meat’s complex flavor.

If you like your jerky with a spicy kick, try our Habanero flavor and serve it with a brown ale. The refreshing drink will cool the heat on your taste buds and prepare your palate for the next full-flavored bite. Our deliciously spicy Habanero Jerky also pairs well with a chocolate milk stout. The stout’s creamy texture chills the pepper flavor and offers a delectable finish.

If your taste buds tend to lean toward sweet rather than spicy, try our best-selling Honey Turkey Jerky. Pair it with an IPA and savor the contrast between the turkey’s sweet flavor and the beer’s bitter hops. IPAs are also a solid choice for mild jerkies, such as our Cracked Pepper jerky, which has a full-bodied taste but isn’t overly spicy. The two flavors strike a wonderful balance, making for a divine snack.

If your go-to jerky is teriyaki, blonde ales are an ideal pairing. Mahogany Smoked Meats Teriyaki is packed with flavors that alternate between both sweet and savory, and the mildly sweet taste of a blonde ale won’t take away from the robust jerky. Our Chipotle Bourbon jerky, made with either beef or turkey, is great when paired with a dark lager. The intense flavor of the beer, along with its smooth finish, makes for a refined taste.

While our variety of jerky is delicious no matter what you serve it with, when you add a well-paired beer, you intensify your flavor experience. Order some of your favorites to try today.