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What is our special Western Beef Jerky? It’s all-natural, freshly made beef jerky with a tantalizing blend of pepper, garlic, soy sauce and teriyaki — the perfect beef jerky recipe, cooked to perfection! When a new customer walks into our California store for the first time, and they’re not sure which of our delicious jerkies to try, we’ll give them a sample of the western beef jerky strip. What happens is that they buy it immediately, every time! You may think that this is the best beef jerky you’ve ever tasted. We pack it full of a boatload of flavors for a unique taste sensation. Think of it as peppered teriyaki, but you must taste it to believe it.

  • A Top-Selling Flavor!
  • Moderately Moist – Peppered Texture
  • All-Natural Beef Jerky – No Preservatives, Nitrates or MSG
  • Packed Fresh and Shipped Quickly
  • 100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our western beef jerky also makes the perfect gift for parties, picnics or backyard barbecues. It’s also great to take along to a ball game!