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  • Savory and Smoky Beef Jerky

  • Contains MSG and Sodium Nitrite

  • Cooked in Small Batches

  • Packed Fresh

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Saddle up and get ready to treat your taste buds to something special with our Cowboy Jerky. A beef jerky fitting for a cowboy in the wild west, you can channel your inner John Wayne (one of our most notable customers) while you chow down. Our Cowboy Jerky is not technically jerky, but it is technically delicious! We dry out a premium cut of flank steak and infuse it with smoke flavor, making for the perfect savory snack whether you’re living out your cowboy fantasies on a ranch or watching an old western from the comfort of your couch.

Available only in a 16-ounce pack because anything smaller just wouldn’t be enough, our 16-ounce Cowboy Jerky makes a fantastic snack, gift, or party favor that will have you hollerin’ for more!