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We know that some enjoy their beef jerky with a little kick, so for those people, we have our Habanero beef jerky. It’s the best beef jerky for those who like it hot. This spicy beef jerky is packed with flavor, and it starts off sweet. That’s because we use a sweet and spicy teriyaki beef jerky recipe, based on the same ingredients as our wildly popular teriyaki jerky. But then, just give it a second, and you’ll experience that spicy kick. The addition of crushed peppers and tabasco sauce ratchets up the flavor into a unique fiery sensation that you won’t find in other jerky products. This carefully balanced flavor provides just the right about of “pow” to satisfy hot food aficionados, while still allowing the other more delicate flavors to come through.

  • Our Best-Selling Spicy Flavor!
  • Moderately Moist Texture
  • All-Natural Spicy Beef Jerky – No Preservatives, Nitrates or MSG
  • Cooked in Small Batches – Packed Fresh – Shipped Quickly
  • 100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our Habanero beef jerky is a welcome guest to a casual cocktail party, sports game viewing celebration, picnic or barbecue.