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Saddle up, partner! You’ll give your jaw muscles good exercise and your taste buds a special treat with our cowboy jerky. If you’re looking for the best beef jerky, this is the type of jerky that you can imagine John Wayne (an old customer, by the way) eating during one of his classic westerns. Actually, cowboy jerky is not technically jerky. It’s a dried flank steak that has been infused with a heavy smoke flavor. This smoky dried beef makes a terrific, savory snack, whether you’re out on the range tending your herd or at a backyard family barbecue. Enjoy it with friends during a sports viewing party or bring it along on your next hiking or camping trip.

Note: Our cowboy jerky contains MSG and Sodium Nitrite, and it’s sold in a 16-ounce package.

Mahogany Smoked Meats has mouthwatering jerkies and smoked meats for sale, direct from our Bishop, California location. We offer personalized service and fast shipping.