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Are you tired of the standard beef jerky you find in the convenience store? Try this chipotle bourbon jerky from Mahogany Smoked Meats. Our delectable whiskey jerky features tasty top round beef jerky infused in a savory bourbon marinade. It really packs a punch! We use a blend of chipotle, teriyaki, orange juice and other zesty flavors to create a tender yet chewy beef jerky. This jerky seasoning is an ideal blend of sweet, savory, spicy and sensational

As with all our premium quality jerky products, our chipotle bourbon jerky is marinated for up to two days and cooked to perfection. We prepare our all-natural jerky in small batches, so it’s extremely fresh and quickly delivered right to your doorstep.

You’ll discover that our chipotle bourbon jerky is a very welcomed gift to bring along to parties, family gatherings, your favorite sports game and special celebrations. It’s hearty and festive.

  • New Savory Recipe
  • Semi-Spicy Flavor
  • Slightly Moist Texture
  • No Preservatives, Nitrates or MSG
  • Packed Fresh – Fast Shipping
  • 100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed!