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Canadian Bacon

What is Canadian bacon? If you’re in Canada, they call it back bacon. It is a cut of cured bacon that has been sliced to include the pork loin from the back in addition to a bit of the pork belly. American bacon is cut from the fatty belly. Canadian bacon is typically sold fully cooked, and it has fewer calories and less fat than standard bacon. If you’re looking to find bacon for sale online, you’ve come to the right place!

The Canadian smoked bacon at Mahogany Smoked Meats, like our other delectable meats, is slow-smoked for 24 hours in a traditional log pit smoker, in small batches. Overseen by our Smoke Master who adds mahogany logs to control the pit’s temperature, the result is an aromatic and extremely savory smoked bacon that is delicious and unforgettable. Canadian bacon is indeed the aristocrat of bacon, and with our magic mahogany smoked touch, it’s even better! We offer smoked Canadian bacon both sliced and unsliced. This smoked bacon can be garnished and heated like a small roast, or you can even serve the slices cold in a buffet and in sandwiches.