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Boneless Hams

Ditch those generic store-bought hams! For your next holiday meal, party or special family dinner, try our robust mahogany smoked boneless ham. From Mahogany Smoked Meats, the only smoker in the U.S. that slow-smokes meats over mahogany logs in the traditional way, our gourmet hams have virtually zero waste. If you want rich mahogany smoked flavor, without having to deal with the bone, this is the perfect solution. Simple to slice and serve, our hand-trimmed boneless smoked ham is ideal for an important occasion where you wish to impress your guests.

These boneless hams, slow-smoked for 24 hours, have an incredible aroma and are delicious.

Mahogany Smoked Meats has been smoking meats the old-fashioned way since 1922. In addition to our hams, we also offer smoked bacon, sausages, turkey and pork loin chops. Try our delicious jerky, too! Our meats ship free within the continental United States.