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Small Batch Satisfaction Guaranteed Made in the USA


  • Light Peppered Savory Flavor

  • Medium Dry Texture
  • No added Preservatives, Nitrates, or MSG

  • Small Batch Cooked

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Are you looking for an adventurous taste bud experience? Try our mouthwatering western turkey jerky. We use the same marinade as we do on our famous western beef jerky, but the turkey meat adds a unique sweet and slightly salty flavor that you may find highly addictive!

The sweet/salty combination and moist texture create the perfect TV-snacking food, and it’s a great party food for special occasions. Bring something extraordinary for your next bowl game snack, or take it along while skiing, hiking, or on a camping trip for the ideal pick-me-up.

Discover the best turkey jerky for those with discriminating tastes. This excitingly flavored western jerky is available in two convenient package sizes. Mahogany Smoked Meats is your headquarters for fresh, flavorful smoked meats and delicious jerkies made from various types of meat.