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Elk, Buffalo, Wild Boar

Beef jerky is great, but very common. Do you crave something a little more exotic? At Mahogany Smoked Meats, we offer a line of homemade elk, wild boar and buffalo jerky that’s made fresh every week! Never mind all of that mass-produced jerky that you find at the convenience store or grocery store checkout counter. Our jerky is the real deal! We make it the traditional way, and each batch of buffalo, elk and wild boar jerky starts with premium grade whole cuts of meat. We flavor them with the highest quality ingredients and cook it to mouthwatering perfection.

Try our peppered wild boar jerky, teriyaki elk jerky recipe or habanero buffalo jerky for a taste sensation. These different flavored exotic jerkies are also great for parties!

If you’re doing a search for “elk jerky near me” or “buffalo jerky near me,” you can stop hunting. Just order your jerky from and we’ll ship it free to any location within the continental U.S. All our jerky products are free of preservatives, MSG and nitrates, so you’re just left with delicious meat and all-natural flavorings.