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With our unique sweet, spicy and savory beef brisket jerky, it’s as much about the cut of the meat as it is with the added spices. We begin with thick slices of brisket that are hand cut into smaller strips, creating the perfectly chewy texture that makes tantalizing, mouthwatering jerky. This brisket jerky is then marinated for up to two days in this special beef jerky marinade, sweet and spicy, for a delicious beef jerky that’s perfect for casual snacking and special enough to bring along to a sports viewing party, family get-together or when hiking or camping.

  • Our Most Popular Brisket Jerky
  • Slightly Moist Texture
  • All-Natural – Contains No Preservatives, MSG or Nitrates
  • Small Batch Cooked – Packed Fresh – Fast Shipping
  • 100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Mahogany Smoked Meats, located in California, specializes in unique smoked meats and savory jerky, cooked locally in small batches the traditional way, with only natural ingredients. This is what set us apart from our competitors!