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Mahogany Smoked Meats’ spicy kielbasa sausage is lightly smoked over mahogany embers to create a unique and rich flavor with a spicy kick. It is sold in sets of four large links, which equals 1.5 pounds of spicy kielbasa.

Once considered a Polish delicacy, kielbasa is now enjoyed from one coast to the other. Cooked on the barbeque, spicy kielbasa can be served with steak and shrimp to provide the heat in a mixed grill; sliced up as an appetizer and served with mustard and brown bread; or served in a roll or bun, hot-dog style.

Founded in 1922, Mahogany Smoked Meats smokes exclusively with mahogany, which is dramatically denser than other woods and creates a unique and smoky flavor. Everything we create uses fresh ingredients that are cooked in small batches, low and slow. We offer a 100 percent refund or replacement guarantee, and standard shipping is available on all orders inside the contiguous U.S., without a minimum purchase.