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Since 1922, Mahogany Smoked Meats has been slow-smoking premium meats using an old-fashioned log pit smoker with mahogany logs. It’s a traditional process with a wood that’s not typically used for smoked meats, but which produces a rich aroma and an “out of this world” flavor. We are the only smokehouse in the U.S. that uses mountain mahogany wood for a unique smoked sausage.

Our delicious mahogany smoked sausages are available in different varieties, including breakfast sausage, kielbasa, spicy kielbasa, ring bologna, knackwurst and Thuringer summer sausage. Knackwurst (or knockwurst) is a short and plump sausage that originates from Northern Germany, made from ground pork, ground veal and garlic inside of hog casings. Thuringer summer sausage is made from medium grind beef, cure ingredients, spices and salt.