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Ham Steaks

Our savory mahogany smoked ham steak weighs approximately one pound each and are cut ½-inch thick. Each of our smoked ham steaks is hand selected and closely trimmed to be the leanest and most flavorful cut you’ve ever tasted. They’re perfect as a breakfast ham steak, but why stop there? Our delicious ham steaks are great for lunch and dinner as well. They’re individually packaged for easy, convenient storage. Choose from small, regular or family sizes.

As with our other smoked meats, our ham steaks are slow-smoked with mahogany logs in an old-fashioned log pit smoker, using the same process as when we started back in 1922, yet perfected over the past 90+ years. After 24 hours of smoking in small batches, closely watched over by our Smoke Master, the finished product is a mouthwatering ham steak that will impress the most finicky foodie.

In addition to our ham steaks, with have other varieties of smoked ham for sale at affordable prices, with free shipping to the continental U.S. Are you wondering where to buy ham steak online? Right here, at Mahogany Smoked Meats!