Since 1922, we have used mountain mahogany wood for our smoking because of its rich aroma and depth of flavor. We use premium cuts of meat in an old-fashioned, traditional preparation for some of the most delicious jerky and smoked meats you’ve ever enjoyed.

Our jerky isn’t just for a hiking trip or gas station snack:

• Check out our Jerky and Beer Pairing Guide to learn which flavors mesh best with your favorite kinds of cold beer.  

• Our Jerky and Wine Pairing Guide shows you the surprising ways that the smoky, savory and sweet flavors of our quality jerky pair with a light Moscato or a full merlot.

How to Make Beef Jerky will introduce you to how quality jerky is prepared. Start with our quality mahogany smoked meats and this basic recipe, then customize to your personal tastes.

Is Beef Jerky Healthy details how traditionally prepared, quality jerky is packed with protein without a lot of fat, calories, or sodium.

Beef Jerky Nutrition vs. Other Snacks provides a useful guide for how to select healthy snacks. 

Our Product FAQ  provides an easy guide that answers some of our most common questions! Learn how to best enjoy your quality smoked meats.