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Mahogany Smoked Meats offers a unique take on German knackwurst, lightly smoking the sausage over mahogany embers to create a rich and spicy flavor. Knackwurst is sold by weight, with four large links equaling 1.5 pounds of sausage.

Knackwurst offers a spicy taste without heavy heat, and can be grilled and served many different ways. A traditional German meal might see it beside sauerkraut and potato salad. At a cookout, it can be served on a roll or bun with different types of mustard.

Mahogany Smoked Meats is the only U.S. smokehouse that exclusively uses mahogany, which is seven times denser than hickory and creates a unique flavor. Founded in 1922, everything we create is cooked in small batches, low and slow, using only fresh ingredients. We offer standard shipping on all orders inside the contiguous U.S., without a minimum purchase, and a 100 percent refund or replacement guarantee.

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