Jerky and Wine Pairing Guide


When’s the last time you considered pairing jerky with a nice glass of wine? We usually think of beef jerky and a cold beer as the perfect match, but wine? When you purchase jerky from Mahogany Smoked Meats, you’re ordering a delectable snack that’s bursting with flavor — not a freeze-dried salt stick from a convenience store — so it’s no surprise that our gourmet snacks go perfectly with wine. Keep reading to learn more about choosing the best wine for your favorite jerky.

Our Slab Beef Jerky, which is one of our best sellers, goes beautifully with a glass of merlot. A popular choice when dining on everything from steak and pasta, this full-bodied red has a high acid content that’s easy to drink, making it the perfect choice for this savory delight.

If you like your jerky with a bit more heat, consider our Habanero style — which is available in beef, turkey and buffalo — and pour yourself a glass of sweet white wine, such as Sauvignon blanc or Moscato. Not too sugary, the Sauvignon blanc is crisp and refreshing, offering a cool balance to the jerky’s spicy flavor. The Moscato, with its notes of citrus, peach and nectarine, offers an invigorating taste thanks to its light bubbles. Both are ideal choices to help cool your palate after each fiery bite.

Fans of teriyaki jerky should opt for a Shiraz or Riesling. These sweet wines are both light and fruity, and complement the sweet and tangy taste of the teriyaki. They also pair well with our best-selling Honey Turkey jerky. The bold flavor is the perfect match for one of these light and refreshing wines. Since it’s not overpowering, Riesling is also a wonderful choice to pair with any of our exotic jerkies, such as buffalo, elk or wild boar.